Full set of all 9 “Essential” beautifully designed (3 in.) stickers, featuring mantras for holistic wellness in everyday life, which have been perfectly paired with a yoga pose (or asana). Use them as little reminders to gently move your body throughout the day, along with mantras for the cultivation of inner peace & a healthful mindset. Exclusively with the full 2021 Essentials Collection:
***Yoga sequence mini guide with deeper meaning quotes & tips for your home practicing
+ **BONUS* gift (mp4 video download of 15-minute flow):
Stand Firm | Downward Dog pose
Tune In | Garland pose
Exhale Completely | Cat pose
Open Your Heart | Swan pose
Inhale Deeply | Cow pose
Let Go | Child pose
Be Still | Plow pose
Ground Down | Sphinx pose
Relax Your Mind | Butterfly pose

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(2) Cat / Cow pose Pairing for Prosperity: being in flow with life means balancing the energy of giving and receiving. This is key to living in the frequency of abundance. Use this yogi favorite pose pair “Cat / Cow” as a way to stimulate the flow of energy through the body, with gentle relieving stretches for the back and spine.
“Exhale Completely” mantra w/ cat pose (3 in.)
“Inhale Deeply” mantra w/ cow pose (3 in.)

All Sales are Final | Refund Policy

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Black / Greige, Pine / Black, Greige / Greige


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