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EcoEmpress Courses

We offer a range of courses in basic environmental and nutrition literacy, providing instruction around topics of sustainability to students ranging from adolescent to adult populations.

Courses typically range from 60 to 120 minutes, and may be presented as general information or tailored to the geographical and generational interest(s) of the target audience. Courses may be given individually or packaged as a class series to be taught over a defined period of time.

Each course is intentionally designed to maximize clarity and understanding of the content, allowing participants to connect to the relevance of the topic and draw meaning from the information in their own lives. This approach is the same whether interacting with students in a community, corporate, or academic setting.

Participants can expect to leave EcoEmpress courses with a baseline understanding of the material in a way that allows them to apply the lesson or make improvements in their own lives.

Each presentation is also designed to provide a broadened context through awareness of the various social systems that impact or influence the issue, local to international factors, as well as some discussion of proposed solutions. Students will be provided with resources to stay informed or learn more about each topic.

Course Description

**The courses described below are only a sample of all of the courses offered,
please book a call to discover and discuss more course options.

The Environment & Your Health

Introductory overview of how air quality, water quality, and soil quality impact public health and the ecosystem.

The Environment & Your Food

Introductory overview of how food production, processing, transport, and disposal impact environmental quality.

The Environment & Your Wardrobe

Introductory overview of “fast fashion” and clothing manufacturing impacts on the environment, and tips on how you can shop to be part of the solution.

The Environment & Technology

Introductory overview of how the production and disposal of technology impact the planet.

The Environment & New Jersey

Introductory overview of New Jersey’s environmental treasures and environmental toxins, to get to understand the state of the environment in your home state

The Environment & Your Career Path

Introductory overview of emerging careers and business ideas that contribute to a healthier planet.

Course Pricing Options


  • Local Small Group Pricing
  • (20 students or less)
  • General Informational courses begin at $333
  • Tailored Informational courses
  • begin at $600
  • Will travel to teach courses outside of immediate area.
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