This past summer I had the opportunity to sit down at the invitation of a dear friend and colleague, Sharon Elise, a doula, yoga teacher, author, and wellness advocate. This podcast was recorded as part of a series of interviews of featured instructors from the Fall Into Wellness retreat. Sharon and I took some time to touch on my own journey towards health and healing. We fellowshipped over our shared growth and evolution in enduring the experiences of life and applying the rich lessons. I take some time to delve a little into a few personal experiences that have fueled my professional path and the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness as an integral part of my own self-care practice. We talked creating healthy mindsets and what living in abundance truly means for us. Feel free to check out the full podcast at the link below.  >>> Here’s a short preview of our exchange:

Sharon E: Why do you believe that physical health and wellness is important?

Nicole SH: I believe that physical health and wellness is important because, I believe that the body is a temple. The body is what houses the soul and the body is what gives form — for the spirit to give expression. And so — you want to be in some degree of balance. And what that’s going to be for you at different stages of your life might be different. But, you have to respect — I believe, and that’s my work for myself first, before I counsel other people. You have to respect this — this vehicle that we’ve been given. I forget who I was listening to, “the body is a trusted vehicle that has driven you through life,” (see: Dr. Micheal Beckwith). And so, just like you take care of your car. You gotta get an oil change, you gotta get tires, gotta get new windshield wipers, you gotta make sure the gas doesn’t get too low. You have to do the same thing with your body; even more importantly.

Fall into Wellness

By Night FairyWellness

A limited series podcast sponsored and produced by Night Fairy Wellness. Host Sharon Elise speaks with influential speakers and partners of the Fall into Wellness retreat, offering insight and wisdom into the journey of each guest, leaving you feeling inspired and ready to join us on the journey to whole body wellness.

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