Full set of all 9 “Essential” beautifully designed (3 in.) stickers, featuring mantras for holistic wellness in everyday life, which have been perfectly paired with a yoga pose (or asana). Use them as little reminders to gently move your body throughout the day, along with simple affirmations for the cultivation of inner peace & a healthful mindset. Exclusively with the purchase of the total 2021 Essentials Collection:

(*) yoga sequence mini guide with deeper meaning tips for your home practicing

(*) plus *BONUS* gift (mp4 video download of 15-minute flow):

  1. Stand Firm
  2. Tune In
  3. Exhale Completely
  4. Open Your Heart
  5. Inhale Deeply
  6. Let Go
  7. Be Still
  8. Ground Down
  9. Relax Your Mind

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